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Saturday, October 28, 2006

SPICE up your Life

dERS crew decided to go vegetarian on friday and someone cheekily told the si-tao-poh, "mm lat mm bei chin" (not spicy, not payin). ini lah akibatnya.......

poor horse couldn't eat spicy food so he had to settle for a bowl of McBubur in the opis. everybody decided to watch him eat his oats, i mean porridge.

see the face, so kesian like that.


Blogger TTJ said...

and I got ulcer... =(

28 October, 2006

Blogger anttyk said...

Wah.... Balak's face... 0_o

29 October, 2006

Blogger siaoyue said...


kesiannnya..jom hari ini pergi tucker box

30 October, 2006


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