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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Hi, my name is Daniel, 26 and i am new to Deloitte ERS. I have zero knowledge in I/A but a phD in procrastination and general mischief. My Counterstrike handle is yellowChimpanzee.

I like tall girls with legs that never end. I dislike eating liver and bittergourd. I have never skydived. I have made girls cry. And according to Anthony (and his drawing "talent"), i apparently look like Charlie Brown.

Oh, and I have more hair than Anthony. Much more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk. you made me cry that day by calling me GOLIATH *sniffles* you're such a BULLY.

btw, is this blog like some joint blog with your workmates? lol. damn cool weih. hahaha.

22 October, 2006

Blogger TTJ said...

ok, you got 3 hairs there, how many does anton have? =P

26 October, 2006


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