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Saturday, June 17, 2006

2006 KL International Motor Show Pix (Part 1)

Went to the KL International Motorshow (KLIMS) 2006 on Saturday, 27 May 06. Here are a selection of photos.

Washed the car before leaving for the show. A clean car means a clean mind, hehe.....

Rumours abound that the production version of this Nissan will be sold in Malaysia. All the rice boys, watch out!

Photo of Panasonic chick taken with a Panasonic Lumix camera (ah, a match made in heaven)

Candice, another hot chick from Panasonic.

The new Hyundai Santa Fe (what is it about Korean carmakers and names of American towns? Tucson is another example)

Ferrari's secret new weapon - forget about active wings, they've decided to add a sleek new "aerodynamic" element just above the right front wheels to distract people's attention =))

The Renault Clio - eh uncle, that car is meant for chicks. You don't wanna be caught sitting in the driver's seat, k?

Spot the Lotus, I mean Proton, I mean, urmmmm...

One of the Ducati bikes on display. Sadly, there were no bikes from Honda, Yamaha, Aprilia, Kawaski, etc at the show.

The Sony gal inviting you to test her car's sound system.

Stay tuned for more photos in part 2 (when I have time to update)


Blogger TTJ said...

Car or chick?

17 June, 2006

Blogger Rara said...

Sorry to the ERS gals ya. No hunk photos coz for y'all coz I was too busy to shoot photos of myself, hahah!! I've got more photos of both cars, gals and also one little Robot, hehe....

18 June, 2006

Blogger el said...

it looks like a KL Chic Show to me.

18 June, 2006


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