Jacko and Sooj sitting in a tree. S.P.O.O.N.I.N.G

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Those days


Blogger el said...

nice pics!

27 May, 2006

Blogger Rara said...

Hi TTJ. Hope you don't get in trouble with the Chinese Govt for bypassing their controls. Be careful, k?

Wah, so nice! I wanna go China again.

Eh, why those ppl (I presume your colleagues) all look so serious one?

29 May, 2006

Blogger TTJ said...

Yea, China is indeed a very pretty place to visit. Those are taken in Mongolia and ShanDong.

eehh, maybe pic too small cannot see their expressions clearly.

Actually, the china colleague taught me how to bypass wan. =D

29 May, 2006


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