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Friday, May 26, 2006


The "HUMMER LIMO" - taken in California. Driven by a Latino Mochacho wearing bling blings.


In view of Gopi's woeful command of the language of the Engrand (sic), the Administrators have decided to put up a notice for educational purposes.

This is an eye. It BLINKS.

This is a BLING BLING.

For more information of BLING BLINGs, see here.


Blogger CrazyRaccoon said...

hey, mr G...its
bling bling laaa..apa tu, blink blink?

26 May, 2006

Blogger anttyk said...

Ha ha ha... Gopi is as bad as mama these days!

26 May, 2006

Blogger Gopi said...

AAARGH!!! Chronic Typo Error laa....very powderful the ENgRAND

26 May, 2006

Blogger Vince^ said...

Alasan banyak.. PIPI...

26 May, 2006

Blogger kimmy said...

bapak chappati, aduh...

28 May, 2006


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