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Friday, March 31, 2006


Guys / Gals,

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have a great weekend ersians ;)

March Birthday Babies

Birthday Bash

Here are some photos

The party-goers on the left

The partygoers on the right

The cake

From the left: Ah Pak, puppy, pingku and asam


Guys / Gals,

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Aging Report (March 2006)

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

haaaaaaaappppyyy birthdaaaaaaayyyy ttttooooooooo yooooooouuuuuuuu

Incompetent Restaurant

The lousiest restaurant in the history of the universe! We will never go there again. Our decision is based on the following facts:
1. We sat down and ordered at 12.30 pm. No sign of food at 1.25 pm. And the restaurant is not even full! Just 4 tables of diners.
2. Bloody liars! They had the balls to tell us that the next table (whose food came while we were waiting + they ordered after us) was transferred from another table.
3. Lied to us again! Told us that the food has been prepared when we cancelled our orders at 1.25 pm.
Let's vote on when you think this place closes down. I hope it's tomorrow.

The EYE!!!!

Guess who?????? Anybody who guess correctly will receive a mystery gift during the PaRtY!!!!
For birhday boys n girls, Double for u guys.... hahahahahah (NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dream on u losers!!!!)


Max is sooooooooo cute...

Smile.... Heee....

Revenge Is Sweet

38 is in

the leng leng 38 mui is inside already!!muahhahahahahaha

Me also got In...

Meet my friend....... very inappropriate.... hahahahahha
I'm Sure this gonna tick off anthony... hahahah


Guys / Gals,

In accordance with ERS tradition, the above containers have been refilled with the usual goodies. Feel free to indulge yourselves.
Leng has expressed surprise that the above containers are still full. Don't disappoint him.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Undilah Datuk Chin!!!

War Zone!!!

Now.... we have some battalions back from the forrest of Sandakan! I don't know whether "they" learned anything new... Daddy's back from the WARLORD base itself... its gonna be an interesting battle this coming week. CBK... locally trained... continue whoopping arses no matter where they come from! Muhahahahahah

One Life

What are we doing in this office??? Let's get fat or drunk... let's eat and sleep..har har har

Fashion Statement

Saw the Brits and Welsh dressing.. and i was trying to beat them. Using my uncanny Ah Pakness' fashion sense.... This is the best i can come up with... Anthony finds it Sexy...

Cheers Mate

Guys / Gals,
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Remember to add comments at the bottom. It is no fun, when you put up a damn funny post and no one comments on it. Really potong stim one, like that.
Other than that. Enjoy. Let's hope that this is not hangat-hangat tahi ayam lah.

Why is i the logging in the Blog the only one?

Hey, where are the foonteng you lau chiak bo-boys and ge-girls leh?!!! I is waiting in this Blog so so long wer. BaaaaGer...Fai Tits log in, join in ah!!

Tee You Nee Arr Sing, Small Chok Chai boys!

Jungle Expedition

Sandakan is a beautiful place,
its not civilised,
its untouched,
surrounded by virgin rainforest,
and a bunch of orang utans.

Here i am, in touch with nature, and mingling with our ancestors, or not.

And somewhere in Sandakan, i saw Anthony

Get Blogged!

common fellas, where are the rest of the members-to-be. Join the blog guys and gals. This should be the biggest Blog-Orgy of D.Uptown.

undilah undi...mari mengundi

hey all...

is it just me or does the title "jack says can change one" just suck...(no offense anttyk)

so to get things moving in here a bit, and in the spirit of demokrasi, let's do a li'l votin' for the name of this soon-to-be-happening-joint

all you guys have to do is put in your suggestions / nominees in the comments section (or support any nominee) until next friday, and we as a group shall vote on the top 5 given suggestions the following week...easy? I thought so...

once again,

nominations: 30th march '06 - 7th april '06

election: 10th april '06 - 14th april '06

so whatcha waitin' for...giddyup!

early days

in very unanticipated fashon, we've evolved from msn to email banter to blogs

...the final frontier...

kudos to anttyk for: getting the ball rolling / the party started / getting down on it!

looking forward to some crazy things here (esp. with jack, vince and anttyk in the house)

welcome all...

Hello fellas.....I'll Be BACK!...Yaaa


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So, hopefully everyone registers.